Video: Teen Eggs Senator Get Punched In Face; Speaks Out


The 17yr young man who egged Senator Fraser Anning and gets punched in the head. (See Video below) has decided to speak out as to the reason why he decided to egg the senator.

He claims it was a joke and warns other teens not to try the same thing or you’ll be tackled to the ground by 30 goons. We are not sure if he is being sincere that it was a joke or prank but the senator surely did not appreciate the gesture. The teens seem unapologetic. See video below of what this 17yr had to say for himself

This teen seems to have a large following of fans how has supported what he did and has been dubbed online as the Egg boy #Eggboyhero has been trending on Twitter. The young man has reported said he has no regrets. A GoFundMe page has also been set up to pay for his legal fees and ‘to buy more eggs’. It has exceeded the $2,000 target by reaching more than $21,000 and is still climbing.

This seeming belligerent teen was tackled to the ground by members of the public before being arrested.

Mr Connolly was tackled to the ground by members of the public after egging Mr Anning during his press conference

We do not advocate violence as the way to solve issues and combat fighting should be left to the pro fighter in the octagon but even in everyday life, we are faced with a situation where we have to instinctively defend ourselves and this is where MMA training can be a mean of exercise but also self-defense.

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