Floyd Reveals Why He Decided Not To Brutally KO Conor McGregor


A lot of people expected that Conor vs Floyd would be over really quickly, until the fight happened and then a lot of people pretended they knew this is exactly how it was going to go. That’s how these things usually are. Anyways, since some amount of people expected Floyd to KO Conor, they were obviously surprised why it didn’t happen. Floyd has revealed that the reason he didn’t knock out Conor McGregor was because he chose not to, because he didn’t want to hurt the guy. Floyd said he didn’t want to cause permanent brain damage to Conor, because Conor is still a young guy and still has a career in front of him.

Floyd also revealed that his uncle is suffering from severe brain damage which causes him to keep wandering off on his own and disappearing where nobody is able to find him. It’s one of the very sad side effects of fighting, especially during eras where we didn’t understand CTE and other forms of brain damage as much as we dodailyle now, where people would spar incredibly hard and keep going after getting rocked, not taking the proper time off. Even now, there’s still a lot more to learn, but we’re getting better.

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“He has a career. You know, he still has a career. He’s still young, (It could’ve been) very damaging. We have to think about these fighters. Even, like, my uncle Roger. Right now, I just got a call just before I came here. He keeps walking off, wandering off. No one can find him. He ends up in a hospital. So, brain damage – it happens. It happens,” Floyd candidly revealed on a podcast called Hollywood Unblocked.

“It’s a catch 22. If I blew him out in the first round, they would have something to say. If we let the fight go on a little longer than expect, they’re going to have something to say. So it’s like, damned if I do, damned if I don’t. If I let it go the distance, they’re going to say something.”

“Once again, we’re praising him. We’re not praising me. We’re praising him. Because I’m 40 years old, retired for two years. He’s 28, he’s active. I’m inactive. He’s taller, he’s bigger. Hey, may not be stronger. He has a longer reach. He’s taller. He’s bigger. He’s younger. Youth is on his side. I’m just saying, everything on paper links on him. For me to come and be off, and really only train totally probably three weeks .. and (I was) out every night partying,” he said.

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