Fat White Gangster Johnathan Ivey Is The Most Entertaining Brawler You’ve Never Heard Of


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Introducing Johnathan Ivey, the hero that the fight game needs.


Whatever happened to showmanship? Everyone’s so thirsty for that massive Reebok $$$ that they’re forgetting to put on a show. Not Johnathan Ivey.

In a small, dark corner of the internet, somewhere behind the shadow of Kimbo Slice, there’s a guy named Johnathan Ivey who’s kind of like the Action Bronson of fighting.


He’s unorthodox, doesn’t give a shit about his record, loves to put on a show to entertain the fans, is an underground sensation, and is always down for a scrap.

Remember this guy? Yet, that's ya boy Jon.

Remember this guy? Yep, that’s ya boy John playing the role of the meatball that rolled away when Ken Shamrock sneezed.

Ivey has been fighting in small promotions since 1998, he’s a real journeyman. Might not have been quite up to par to make it to the big show, but he’s a legend on the small circuit. He’s known for walking out dressed as various horror movie monsters.


Johnathan Ivey had a taste of fame in mid 2000’s when he dropped a People’s Elbow in a heavyweight match, but the sad reality is that most fight fans still don’t know who he is. While the filthy casuals are swooning over “that Irish guy that talks a lot”, let’s give some props to a trailblazer of MMA.

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