Epic Dragonball Z Knockout By Tenshin Nasukawa


Many many only know him due to his fight against Floyd Mayweather where he was defeated however, this kid has continued to become a raising star in the kickboxing arena and has scored some serious knockouts. In the latest one he used a truly epic move at-least none that we have ever seen to inflict a brutal knockout on his opponent.

Floyd Mayweather easily defeated Tenshin

In the video you see him take a low stance on in preparation for his move then after his opponent makes a strike which does not land on Tenshin Nasukawa, he bounces back up to apply the well posed and executed knockout kick to the head.

This cause the other fighter to immediately fall to the ground and the referee to stop the fight. At times fans want to see a long fight before a climax to a knockout or TKO in order to feel they gotten their money worth as so to say.

However, many of you who know about fight knows the best strategy is to get in and get out as fast as possible and this is exactly what Nasukawa seem to had been thinking.

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