Jon Jones’s coach talks who’s next.. Lesnar, Santos and Walker


Pending confirmation of their next fight, fans have been speculating on who will be Jon Jones’ new rival or whether he will stay in his division or climb to full weight. There are many options that are playing and recently his coach Brandon Gibson analyzed some in The MMA Hour:

Thiago Santos
“Looks really nice. Is very powerful. I like that there is some fresh blood in this division. ”

Johnny Walker

“He’s an awesome and explosive guy. It is impressive that his KO ratio is from 1 to 9. We have our eyes on him. It’s fun, creative, arrogant, charismatic. I’m sure it’s a fight we have on the horizon. ”

Brock Lesnar

“I think it will be a very good payday and a challenge that intrigues Jon Jones. It would be a lot of fun. ”

Could some of these fighters beat “Bones”?

There is no doubt that there are three good options and some could be positioned as the next opponent of the light heavyweight champion. In the case of the first two, if they are not next, they will probably do so in the future. We’ll have to wait and see what’s next for all of them.
What do you think Jon Jones’ next UFC fight will be?

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