Donald Cerrone gives an update on his eye injury


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Even though Donald Cerrone has demonstrated over and over that he is a fighter who is always willing to fight. The eye injury he suffered during his fight with Tony Ferguson at UFC 238 meant that for the first time in his career he would not receive the medical discharge to continue fighting.

Facing the start of the third round, Cerrone had an inflammation in his left eye, which was thought to have resulted from a fractured orbital bone. This inflammation worsened to the point that his eye had completely closed when ‘Cowboy’ instinctively blew his nose. The referee of the contest, Dan Miragliotta, asked for the opinion of the doctor at the foot of the octagon, who determined that Cerrone could not continue fighting.

After a brief recovery, Cerrone has provided an update on his health status through his social media account, confirming that his eye is was not fractured

“I’m in Good Health. Thanks for all the message and concerns. Only air was in my eye. No broken bones nor cracked or broken orbital. Sitting and waiting for the Rematch or next fight” That being said so are the fan looking to see this champ return again, we commend “Cowboy” for his fighter spirit, see you soon again in the octagon.

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