Dana White Lost His Mind After Seeing This Knockout


Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series has been pretty great so far, especially thanks to the Snoopcast hosted by Snoop Dogg and Urijah Faber which you can use as an alternate commentary audio source on Fightpass.

Along with the KO some people are saying is the best they’ve ever seen, we’ve got the highlights from Snoopcast. First of all, check out everyone’s reaction to the KO first.

Check out Dana’s reaction to this huge KO by Marquez, who you’ll definitely be seeing more of.

Here’s the highlights from the Snoop Cast, and then keep going if you want to check out the KO itself.

Some people are saying this is the best knockout they’ve ever seen. What do you think? Top 5? Top 10? If not, what’s your favorite KO ever and why is it better?

There have been some crazy knockouts over the years, and some of them end up being remembered for years and years to come. Do you think this one will be making highlight reels five years from now?

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