The 20 Weirdest Knockouts in MMA


From the unexpected, to the unrepeatable, here are twenty crazy knockouts from MMA. We’re looking at a lot of them from the UFC, but there are plenty of crazy knockouts from outside of the UFC too. Ready to go?

20. Gotta Catch ‘Em All

During the Pokemon Go fad, well, slightly after… Michael Venom Page lands a DEVASTATING knee against Guy Cyborg. The Knockout itself made plenty of Top KO lists, but it’s what happened next that earned it a spot on this list. MVP rolled a Pokeball towards his opponent, at the time he didn’t know Cyborg had just suffered a career-ending injury to the skull.

19. No Chill

Remember this one? It’s basically a perfect video. It’s short, and features sweet, sweet revenge.

18. Spin Right Round

This insane rolling thunder KO left him stopped in his tracks, that follow up really wasn’t necessary though, was it?

17. Topples Over


This one’s crazy, the guy eats a strong shot, turns around and disengages from the fight, and then simply topples over like someone took the legs from right under him.

You can find the video for this KO up next:

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