Conor McGregor Still Want A Rematch With Floyd Mayweather “I Know I win”


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It was indeed a fight to remember McGregor vs. Mayweather, the bout was a spectacular show of sportsmanship and entertainment. Many thought that the fight was orchestrated and these two athletes were just putting on a show for the spectators both in the arena and the millions who view around the world on television. Well think what you want, Conor McGregor is taking it seriously so much so that he still wants a rematch.

Discussing the fight and his future boxing McGregor said to Tony Robbins on his weekly podcast “I would love another go in the boxing arena. Floyd is known for his Philly-shell defensive style of fighting. He has his right arm tucked in, or he’s orthodox so it’s the opposite, but he has one arm tucked in by his belly and one arm kept up by his ear. He uses his shoulder to deflect shots. He’s a back footed fighter, he fights on the back foot.” It is clear that Conor now believes that he has Floyd fighting style analyzed correctly and would give him the advantage when the two fight again.

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Floyd Mayweather defeated Conor McGregor in a boxing match on August 26, 2017. It was the Irishman’s debut in professional boxing, also the super-lightweight, and both competed for the WBC Money Belt. The referee stopped the fight in the tenth round for “Money” to stop hitting “The Notorious”.

I would love to have another opportunity in boxing. He knew exactly what Floyd was going to do. I prepared for it. And when I returned to my corner after the first round I said: ‘This is easy’. Then he had to change his style. I think in a rematch I would win. I know I would win .” The Notorious told Tony Robbins

It has been reported by Fox Sports that Mayweather Snr. has confirmed that walk is in the works for a rematch.

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