Conor McGregor Goes On A Creepy Rant About How He Could Beat Up A Referee


Everyone is saying that Conor has lost his mind, even his own coach. When you get to a point where everything you predict is coming true from day 1, and you finally reach the pinnacle of your sport, that’s got to mess with your head at least a bit. Conor was going over the fight in his head, but instead of looking at the footwork and how he managed to take Aldo out with one shot, he took it further, he started imagining what would happen if he kept fighting even after the bout was over, imagining how he’d handle the ref…


Big John Mccarthy ain’t playin that, but here’s how Conor sees it going down.


“Most will see 1 unconscious man here.
I see a clean get up about to happen in a fight against multiple attackers.
Hips away, strong frame with the left hand, right hand post on the mat with bottom leg free for a clean get up.
If Big John was a second attacker, he is in trouble. I am a split second away from being back to my feet here.
With his outstretched, forward reaching pressure, and his torso separated from his hips, Big John is ending up face down after the get up.
Two or three quick cracks to his temple and I make my escape clean.
Two attackers immobilized.
What’s up Las Vegas.”

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