Cody Garbrandt is Furious with T.J. Dillashaw – He’s a doper, a Scum bag, should be criminal


Doping in any sport is dangerous and despicable. It also hurts the sports disappoint the fans who celebrate a victory only later to have it taken away because the fighter was doping. Its everything you tell your children not to be. In MMA, a hurting game, doping should be criminal.

Disgraced former bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw is a doper. And the man he took the title from, Cody Garbrandt, is furious.

Cody had good reason to be vex as the USADA did retest older samples from Dillashaw and they fail. Then it seems Dillashaw was doping for a while before he was caught out this last time.

Conor McGregor agrees with Cody, why did Dillashaw found it necessary to dope. Was it for the money (he is not broke) or the title.? When the scandal first broke McGregor has said he had known about TJ Dillashaw doping before and called him a snake in the grass. If this true it is interesting that Conor did not report Dillashaw.

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