Watch This Beastly UFC Heavyweight Effortlessly Toss His Opponent Into a CRAZY Submission


Francis Ngannou fought Anthony Hamilton tonight, and made quick work of him in the first round. Francis has slowly been building hype as he tears through the beginning of the UFC heavyweight division. Tonight he called Anthony, his first opponent with a wikipedia page, to give you an idea of the step-up in competition. Ngannou is one of the most intimidating fighters and just has that “You don’t want to mess with this guy” vibe about him.


He’s a monster of a man, and he’s been making quick work of most of his opponents, and tonight was no exception. Before beginning his MMA training, he had wanted to be a boxer and was a huge fan of Mike Tyson growing up.

At a young age, he moved from Cameroon to Paris with his family, where he would originally begin training MMA. It’s too early to talk about being in title contention, but the win streak he’s building at heavyweight is nothing to shake a fist at…

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