70 Year Old Man Get Knockout Cold (Video)


We call this video Conor McGegor and Nate Diaz in 2055. These two old guys decided to settle out their difference in the old fashion way. A fight till the knockout boxing bout.

Even though one of these old chaps get knockout cold, we have to commend both of them for a good fight for their age. It really proves you are never to old to do anything you put your mind to. Even though the bareback guy looks like he been keeping lean for this fight for a while.

These two guys are not professional fighters but it was a good exercise and workout for both of them as the bout ensued may the best man win. See video below


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The funny video between these two guys are reminiscent of what Conor and Nate look like should the two get a trilogy in years to come. As it stands with Conor McGregor announcing his retirement from professional MMA fighting. Nate may well have to wait till his old age to get that fight with Conor after all.

It was refreshing to watch these two old chaps battle it out in a clean fight which ended in a knockout. They are indeed keeping the fire going.

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