20 Most Lethal Animal Bites in The World


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Here’s a ranking of the 20 strongest animal bites, measured by pounds per square inch of pressure. There’s a lot of craziness in nature, and you’d never want to be bitten by any of these.

For reference, most of us have around 150 PSI of biting strength, let’s see how that compares to some of nature’s fiercest…

20. Cougar


PSI: 350

Cougars can use their powerful jaws and long teeth to cut through their prey, and they can even crush skulls and spines in their mouthes. Good kitty. Still, not a TON more than a human… about double… but just wait, the top 5 are absolutely insane.

19. Gray Wolf


PSI : 400

When it comes to crushing bones, wolves are better than most other members of the canidae family. Now we’re starting to lap our human strength a few times, but still relatively tame compared to what’s coming.

18. Mastiff


PSI: 550

Mastiffs have the nastiest bites out of all dogs, and it’s not even close with Rotties coming in second at 330. Pitbulls only have a slightly stronger bite than the human man, at a surprisingly low 235.

17. Great White Shark


PSI: 670

Surprised to see them so low on the list? Sharks don’t need a ton of bite strength to tear up anything that’s in their way, because their teeth are sharp and powerful and do a lot of the work. None the less, 670 is a respectable score and when combined with those teeth, you definitely don’t want to be on the business end of a shark attack.

16. African Lion


PSI: 690

Simba packs quite a bite. Their teeth are very sharp, and they have a stronger bite than a great white shark so don’t piss them off.

15. Jaguar


PSI: 700

Now we’re in the 700 club, but we’re nowhere CLOSE to being done. Jaguars can puncture turtle shells with their incredible bite strength, and they can bite right through the skulls of many animals to feast on their brains if they were so inclined. We’re only through the lowest  ranked 5 so far, so keep going because it’s about to start getting nuts.

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