10 MMA Fighters Most Likely To Steal Your Girlfriend


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Fighters have perfect physiques, they can protect a woman from any threat, and they’ve got the stamina to go all night. That’s why women can’t resist fighters and your girlfriend is no exception to this rule. If you’re not careful, these men will be stepping in and filling a lot more than just your shoes.

Luke Rockhold

Luke was kicked off of the show Millionaire Matchmaker for hooking up with the waitress instead of paying attention to any of his prospects from the show. What are you going to do when he sets his eyes on your girl? Absolutely nothing, that’s what.



Elias Theodorou

This Canadian fighter literally poses for the cover of romance novels, is undefeated, and has appeared on on a handful of television shows. The only thing stopping him from stealing your girlfriend is that fact that he’s got his own.



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