UFC Removes Dozens of Fighters In Massive Secret Friday Culling


The UFC has, in the past, removed fighters from their roster listing before even letting them know they had been released. There have been times where fighters found out they were cut from the media, without even a heads up or phone call from the UFC. It can be pretty savage. In their most recent culling, the UFC have removed dozens of fighter names from their roster. Some are due to retirement, like Tim Kennedy, but some of these are legit Top 10-15 fighters, and it doesn’t really make sense why the UFC would let them go.

One of the most surprising names on this list is Lorenz Larkin, who is coming off two big wins over Masvidal and Magny, and has a win over Robbie Lawler from back in the day. Unless there was a contract dispute or something, it doesn’t make sense to cut him, so hopefully this is just a technical error from the UFC’s website and not their way of letting people know they’ve been released.

Here’s the complete list of names that were culled from the UFC’s roster in a recent update, we’ll let you know as soon as we find out what this means.

Brock Lesnar
Tim Kennedy
Sean O’Connell
Aisling Daly
Takeya Mizugaki
Anthony Birchak
Clay Collard
Maximo Blanco
Geane Herrera
Taylor Lapilus
Seohee Ham
Brendan O’Reilly
Erik Perez
Lorenz Larkin
Rick Story
Evan Dunham
Jessamyn Duke
Cole Miller
Ross Pearson
Elvis Mutapcic
Joe Gigliotti
Fredy Serrano
Fernando Bruno
Yao Zhikui
Adam Hunter
Joey Gomez
Bartosz Fabinski
Augusto Montano
Yaotzin Meza
Yves Jabouin
Milana Dudieva
Anton Zafir
Tony Sims
Lukasz Sajewski
Tiago Trator
Kenny Robertson
Francisco Rivera
Roldan Sangcha-an
Gasan Umalatov
Jon Delos Reyes

Brock makes sense if he’s retiring again, but he’s been fighting his suspension to have it shortened so that doesn’t really lead one to believe that he plans to actually retire.

UPDATE: The list just got even longer. There are some legitimate contenders in here, check out the full ONE HUNDRED PERSON LIST: 

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