Tito Ortiz won Big Against Ronda Rousey


UFC champion Amanda Nunes has silenced all the skeptics about her ability after her TKO victory against the famous Ronda Rousey at UFC 207 in less than a minute. Looking at Ronda she could not land a decent shot on Nunes on the other hand her opponent Nunes landed every fist on Ronda, by now as many have come to know in under a minute well 48 seconds actually of the first round.

Well Ronda been getting a lot of heat lately after the fight but it not only the fans of Amanda that are reveling in her victory and those who just did not like Ronda Rousey very much who are elated with victory of this Brazilian. In particular a former UFC heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz placed a nice bet of $50,000 dollars on Nunes, not sure if he knew Ronda was no match for her at the time or Ortiz just had lots of faith in Nunes regardless at the end of the night the result was that Ortiz was smiling all the way to the bank with an extra $77K in his pocket.

Ortiz has been showing off his bet slip on Instagram to celebrate, take the look at the bet slip below as proof that he really had called the fight for Nunes long before it even started.

You have to love easy bets! #ufc207

A photo posted by titoortiz1999 (@titoortiz1999) on

But Ortiz may have a lot more at stake soon

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