Terrifying Staredown Leads To SAVAGE Knockout In 22 Seconds


There were a lot of lesser-known fighters on last night’s card, but sometimes that gives them some extra inspiration to put on a big fight, plus they don’t have as much to lose as bigger name guys so they’re more willing to go all out. The main event might have not been the greatest fight of all time, but some of the earlier fighters were really intense, especially the stare down the day before…

Ion “The Hulk” Cutelaba (2-2 in the UFC) and Henrique da Silva (2-3 in the UFC) had a heated stare down where Cutelaba didn’t shake da Silva’s hand, and then feinted like he was going to hit him, like when you try to make somebody flinch.

After that, you could tell this was going to be an intense fight… even if it didn’t last very long.

22 seconds, that’s all it took to put the lights out.

Cutelaba even walked across the cage during the fighter announcements right before the fight and got into his opponent’s face. Everyone loves the clips of guys like this who act all tough and then end up getting starched, but that’s not what happened last night.

The guy was acting tough, and he backed it up. Here’s the fight:

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