Watch Bruce Lee’s Only Recorded Real Fight – INCREDIBLE QUICKNESS


Bruce Lee is a legend, and a lot of people have wondered how he would do if he was alive today and able to compete in the UFC. There’s no doubt that martial arts have evolved a lot since he was around, but obviously if he was alive today he would have been evolving as well.

In this video, Bruce Lee spars with Ted Wong, one of his top students. They’re wearing protective gear because that was the law at the time, this was ages before the UFC had come along and fought to legalize MMA.

You can see the press looking on in excitement in the front row, and everyone else in the audience totally captivated. Obviously, this isn’t a full-on fight to the death or anything, they’re sparring and showing off some techniques and moves, but there’s still definitely going for it and hitting each other. Check out this session:


It’s hard to say whether Bruce Lee would have been fighting in the UFC, despite what their video game wants you to think. If not, however, it’s hard to imagine that he wouldn’t have been coaching fighters and very involved in the sport of MMA in one way or another. Could you imagine having Bruce Lee training you, being in your corner?

Anyways, we don’t want to speculate too much on what things could have been like if he was born in a different era. Especially since if he was around today, he wouldn’t have been the same trailblazer that he was during his run, he would be walking through doors that had already been opened instead of helping to open them himself. Having said that, he would certainly still be blazing trails – just difference ones. Anyways, what a legendary guy, hey?

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