Source Reveals Exactly How UFC Fighters Can Take Steroids And Still Pass Drug Tests


With the UFC’s increase in random drug tests, and hiring USADA to clean up the sport, people are wondering whether or not fighters are still able to get away with taking steroids. It seems that with a lot of busts, there’s always an excuse like “tainted supplements” or “my Doctor gave it to me…”


Does that mean that UFC fighters have legitimately stopped juicing, and everyone’s playing fair now, except for the occasional accidental mistake? Unlikely.

An anonymous source on reddit revealed exactly how a fighter can go about using micro-dosages and how their team will give them frequent drug tests to ensure that no matter when USADA comes knocking, the fighter is within that one hour window to have time to flush their system and pass the test. For example, by taking it right before leaving for the gym, and taking a long time to drive to the gym, the fighter is buying themselves some time “off the grid” since they couldn’t answer their phone while driving.


It’s all really interesting, and it seems to make sense, although again – it’s an anonymous source to take it with a grain of salt.

  • “Wake up, piss, eat, drink water…wait for about 7:30 am to know there is no USADA morning knock. Make sure USADA never gets your overnight piss!
  • Immediately microdose Testosterone, specifically Testosterone Suspension with no ester and commonly available to those trying to find it. Stings like a bitch but after so many years he/she’s use to it.
  • Multiple injection sites cause go big or go home and you wants to speed up it’s action and flush. (Remember pic of Jon Jones with 3 ‘bumps’ on his abs?).
  • Then drives to the gym, just before starting the workout pops a Lasix tab ( furosemide ) then starts hitting the workout hard…feeling great!
  • Starts to pound water like crazy near the end of the training session. Bathroom first cause the water is starting to really flow. No USADA drive up? Awesome! Put the Advil chewables away cause you don’t have to mask the Lasix….today.
  • Drives home gulping water from a 4 gallon water jug every minute. Body is flushed of any detectable Test 6 hours after the injection. USADA clean again. Same process for the evening workout. After lunch go to the gym. No USADA boys by 2 pm? Inject your evening Testosterone and get at it!
  • Of course this routine gets ‘dialed in’ by your ‘support staff’. You’re not stupid and you ain’t gonna take a test that you don’t know you will pass!
  • You keep records of what you did the past week. Exact times, exact milligrams, water consumption totals, Your ‘support staff’ do a morning test just as if they were USADA. Piss and blood. Next day they do a test at noon in your workout facility bathroom. A few days later they do a test at 9pm at your home. Your ‘support staff’ run the exact same tests USADA does, down to the exact same equipment model that USADA uses.


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