Ronda Rousey Mother Weighs In on The Fight


Ronda Rousey’s UFC 207 defeat shook the world of sports, even though some of you who watch the fight might say it did not surprise them. Either way not only because the MMA queen lost once more, but because of the way she was beaten by Amanda Nunes. A few hours after the event, the mother of the former champion wrote an extensive statement, full of feelings, in which he compliments his offspring: Here is what Ronda Rousey mother had to say;

“Like any mother and daughter in the world, Ronda and I do not always look at each other face to face. However, there is something of which I am very sure. For all those who criticized Ronda for this defeat saying that she does not care about the sport anymore, they do not really know her. Her hunger for victories was what made her so successful. Working hard every day to achieve the goal does not mean that you always make the right decisions (…) Ronda was part of the USADA exams since 16; Never failed any, always paid their taxes, was never arrested, never in rehabilitation. Everyone thinks this is normal, but raise your head and look at how many celebrities can say the same thing. I am very proud of you daughter “ source

It is not yet known that it will happen with Ronda Rousey’s sports career. Many claimed that a defeat would move away from the MMA, but there was still no official statement.

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