Mark Hunt Issues Statement Following Brutal KO Loss To Former Steroid User


Hunt vs Overeem was one of the most anticipated fights at UFC 209, and it didn’t disappoint.

Overeem fans were nervous when he would turtle up and absorb shots near the cage, but he ended up putting Hunt to sleep with an absolutely brutal KO.

Leading up to this fight, some fans were making fun of Mark and speculating that he’d just come up with some kind of excuse if he lost, due to Overeem’s history with steroids in the past. Hunt has been very outspoken against steroid users leading up to, and after his fight with Brock Lesnar. Hunt is on a very solid contract and making big bucks, but they moved him to the PPV opener. Some speculate this could be due to the fact that he filed a lawsuit against the UFC days after the fight was announced. They couldn’t remove him from the card after the contracts were signed because that would be a bad look, but they certainly didn’t try to push or promote this fight all that much either, considering both fighters earned nearly a million dollars each, win or lose.

Mark Hunt’s Classy Reaction

So, some people were expecting him to flip out after he lost and bring up Overeem’s history and all that, but Mark Hunt handled it like a true gentleman, total class act. You shouldn’t make assumptions about someone, or just assume he’s going to react in a negative way, the Lesnar fight was a very unique situation for a lot of reasons, and it doesn’t make Mark Hunt a sore loser. You would be pissed off if you were in his shoes after he Lesnar fight, too.

Here’s Hunt’s quote:

“Hard pill to swallow being knocked the feck out congrats @alistairovereem”

Hunt is an absolute legend and there was definitely a lot of mutual respect from these two fighters in their rematch that was many years in the making. We’re hopeful that Hunt can figure things out with the UFC or get the opportunity to fight wherever he wants to, rather than having this lawsuit drag out.

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