Mark Hunt Is Suing The UFC, Dana White, and Brock Lesnar


Mark Hunt has a fight coming up against Overeem, which was booked after Mark had become even more outspoken against steroid users. It’s almost like the UFC trying to taunt him, by putting him up against an opponent like The Reem, who has previously tested positive for “horse meat”.

Mark Hunt believes there was some funny business going on. After taking a loss to Brock Lesnar in his last fight, which Brock lasted tested positive, and was fined a small amount of his disclosed purse, which went towards the athletic commission, Hunt was basically like… hey wait a second, I’m the one who was in the cage with him, I’m the only one who lost here. The UFC won by getting to put on a huge fight right before their 4 billion dollar sale, Brock won for making millions of dollars and being allowed to cheat and will be allowed to fight again this summer, Mark Hunt played by  the rules and lost.

Hunt has gotten some backlash because he made some comments before the fight that he would kick Brock’s ass either way, even if Brock was on steroids, and then after he loss and it came out that Brock was on steroids, Hunt was upset. Fans have to realize that fighters say a lot of things when they’re hyped up before the fight, and that statement from Hunt obviously doesn’t make it okay for Brock to cheat. Taking steroids is against the rules, even if your opponent talks trash to hype the fight.

Mark Hunt is seeking damages in the “millions” from all parties which include Lesnar, the UFC, and Dana White personally.

“There’s nothing deterring Brock Lesnar from doping, getting $5 million-plus from pay-per-view and the purse, and just turning around to pay a nominal fraction of that when they have no desire to come back to the UFC, anyway,” Hunt’s attorney Christina Denning told MMAjunkie. “The avenue to punish Brock is there. It’s just not being executed by the UFC, which is a problem, because this is what happens in every situation.”

What do you think about this whole mess?

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