Georges St-Pierre’s Coach Says That Fighting Conor McGregor Would Be The End of GSP’s Career


Freddie Roach, legendary boxing coach, has worked with GSP on and off over the years, and allegedly had a big part of GSP deciding to make his comeback. Freddie said he was going to put GSP to work for a camp, and then GSP would decide if he wants to fight in the UFC again. Spoiler alert: He does, and he will be, for his Date-TBA fight against Bisping.

Freddie Roach gave some interesting insights about how GSP wants to eventually end his career, and how they want Conor McGregor to be the FINAL fight in GSP’s incredible career.

“With the last fight, we’re hoping for it to be Conor McGregor,” Freddie Roach said to Fight Hub TV. “Who wouldn’t want that fight? I mean it’s a big fight. We’d have to maybe cut weight, meet in the middle somewhere, but there’s long negotiations that could still happen, of course. But who wouldn’t want that fight?”

GSP vs Conor McGregor in the works? Could you imagine?

Freddie Roach also commented on the controversial Bisping fight, saying:

“That was the fight that was offered to us, through Dana. He asked ‘do you want him?’ And we all thought about it, and we all said yes.”

What do you think, would GSP vs Conor break PPV records, and who would win?

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