‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Fights Stranger On Airplane On Way To Dr. Phil Update Show


Someone get this girl into a gym so she can train MMA and learn respect, and how to channel her aggression.

On her way to film an update/reunion episode with Dr. Phil, she started throwing fists with another passenger on the plane.

After her initial appearance on Dr. Phil, her story and antics went extremely viral. It’s a mix between people saying “She’s just a kid, stop giving her more attention for this” and people who can’t get enough of this trainwreck. We’ve avoided mentioning it, but after she got into a fight on an airplane on her way to do an update with Dr. Phil.

The video shows her mother (Who is no gem, either, from what we’ve seen) yelling at another passenger, screaming “DON’T CALL MY KID TRASH!”, then a fight breaks out.

Some mothers and daughters like to bond over things like gardening, or sports, or watching the Kardashians, or books, or cooking… but not these two, they both share a love for violence and aggression. Seriously, let’s get this girl setup in an MMA gym, she’s not a lose cause, she just needs some better role models and direction in her life. On the one hand, she could turn over a new leaf before getting herself into any real trouble. On the other hand, we could be making her that much more dangerous if she actually knew how to fight. It’s a double-edged sword.

Anyways, check out this quick clip from aboard the airplane where the Cash Me Ousside How Bout Dah girl gets into yet another fight.

I have to imagine Dr. Phil will frown upon this…

In the initial Dr. Phil appearance, the mother was acting all innocent like she was the victim of this crazy kid, now in reality we see that the mother was just manipulating the country into taking her side over her daughters. That’s already very concerning behaviour, now add on top of it that her mom is getting into fights with people on airplanes and letting her join in, and it’s just a bad situation.

“This lady hit my mom, I need to whoop her right now,” she said, before getting into the mix.


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