Bellator’s PPV Is So Stacked That Dana White Is On Suicide Watch


Dana White should be celebrating helping to put together the biggest combat sports fight of all time between Conor and Floyd, but instead you can find him on Twitter and Instagram all day arguing with boxing fans and talking trash about anyone in the boxing community who dares to say this fight is a bit of a freakshow spectacle.

Dana, man, just enjoy it – you’re killin’ it at the fight game – you played a hand in putting together the single greatest freakshow fight in the history of sports, and not only that but a good chunk of people are actually buying into the hype. You should be proud.. Not to mention the hundreds of millions in checks you cashed during the sale of the UFC that you helped build into the premier fight promotion.

However, it feels like the UFC’s been neglected this year amidst all that excitement, mixed with growing pains from the new owners.

And that’s where Bellator steps in.

They’re putting on a PPV and it’s arguably stronger than any PPV the UFC has been able to put together so far this year, as they neglect a lot of their talent and let some big names jump ship over to Bellator the UFC is starting to feel more and more like a one trick pony, and that one pony is fighting Floyd Weather and will have had nearly a year off from fighting in the UFC when it’s all said and done.

And that’s if Conor ever does decide to fight in the UFC again, it’s possible that he won’t even bother. He’ll have more money from the Floyd fight than he’ll ever earn from a UFC bout, and he’s seen first hand the dangers of head trauma and brain damage after seeing his teammate’s opponent die after a fight which really seemed to have an impact on McGregor’s view of the game – and he’s always planned to get in, make his bank, then get out of the fight game as unscathed as possible.

Bellator’s PPV might not be the greatest card ever, but it’s really damn solid and a lot of people are buying it just as a wake up call to the UFC and to support Bellator as a strong rival. This whole brand loyalty thing in MMA needs to stop, there have been plenty of other promotions growing into big things before getting snapped up by the UFC, but this time around the UFC can’t just buy their rivals.

Bellator is having their best year in terms of publicity and signing great fighters, with Ryan Bader as a recent acquisition. He’s a top 5 guy in the entire world, and Bellator already has a few Top 5 guys in other weight classes, not to mention the younger talent of their own that they’re developing. If nothing else, this is certainly giving their parent company, Viacom, a wake-up call to realize that it’s possible for them to really make a dent if they throw some money around into this multi-billion dollar world of prize fighting.

It’s A Who’s Who Of Who Used To Be In The UFC – And One Fighter That REALLY Grinds Dana’s Gears

Looking at the main and co main event, they’ve all been legit guys in the UFC at one point or another, but that doesn’t mean this is just the UFC’s leftovers.

Wandy and Chael was going to be a huge fight for the UFC, granted we’re a few years later now, but people still want to see this grudge match. It was never being put on as some huge, significant fight, these are just two dudes that hate eachother and have been going at eachother for years, and Bellator is making the fight happen. Fair play.

Next up is Matt Mitrione, who has been very outspoken against the UFC for a lot of their BS and shenanigans, now he’s over in Bellator and seems a lot happier… but it’s his opponent that’s really going to grind Dana’s gears because Fedor is “The one that got away.” The UFC couldn’t get Fedor fighting for them, and Dana tried SOOO hard to make it happen, so while he should be sitting back and enjoying the McGregor Mayweather show, you just know he’s going to be pounding away at his Twitter pretending it doesn’t eat him up inside that his biggest rivals are putting on a Fedor fight and didn’t even have to co-promote it, which was a deal breaker for Dana back in the day.

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