Bellator Fighter Tries SO HARD To Cheat At Weigh-Ins But They Aren’t Falling For It


Shoutout to the New York State Athletic Commission for being on top of things.

Head right to the bottom for the video of all the ridiculous antics.

This guy knew he was a couple pounds over weight and tried every trick in the book short of the Cormier towel-grab, but they were ready for him. Commissions make plenty of mistakes and deserve all the heat they get, but this time around they were completely on point.

At first, he only has one foot on the scale, and for most of the rest of the time, he’s trying to put some of his weight on the frame of the scale rather than the scale itself. It’s so funny watching him try to pull this off, and they’re just not having it.

His teammates were originally going to hold the towel, too, so you just KNOW they were going to try the towel trick but New York insisted that their own people would hold the towel, once again well played.

A pound or two might not seem like a huge difference, but there are weight classes for a reason. We’re not huge fans of cutting weight in general, anyways, but rules are rules and it has to be an even playing field. If one guy busts his butt to make weight and the other guy has to stop a couple pounds short, it’s just not a fair fight.

Again, we’re always ready to slam commissions when they screw up, but today they did a good thing, even with the scale that looks like the one you’d have in your bathroom as opposed to the big official scale.

Here’s all the different tricks he tried:

  • Balancing his weight so that he wasn’t completely on the scale.
  • Having his own guys hold the towel so he could presumably try the famous towel trick.
  • Standing with one foot OFF OF THE SCALE.
  • Standing with one foot on the side of the scale.
  • He even tried walking away to buy more time until they reminded him that this is … uhh… the weigh-ins and you can’t do that.

I mean, nice try dude, I guess? But not nice enough. NSAC on the ball.

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