Will This Be Conor McGregor Final Retirement


After announcing his retirement on Twitter, fan wondered if this shop close for Conor McGregor is he out of business forever.

Unlike other more traditional sports such as baseball, basketball, and soccer, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters often come and go into retirement as they please as if it were a vacation.

Recently, McGregor, former two-division UFC champion, announced his official retirement from the sport, something that surprised everyone. However as you recall this is not first time he done this.

Sports personalities such as BJ Penn, Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, Brock Lesnar, Georges St-Pierre and McGregor all have something in common: at some point in their careers they decided to retire and then returned to the octagon, in some form or fashion.

McGregor’s Circumstances

The interesting thing about McGregor’s announcement is all the confusion and stress he gotten himself into recently.

In a short period, he was under public eye for an altercation with a fan, then he was demanding from the UFC a bigger piece of the pie, and finally rumors about an episode of sexual harassment resurfaced yesterday.

What is interesting to note is that the first time Conor tweeted about retirement it was under similar circumstances. 

Recall in 2016, the Irishman posted on twitter saying he was retiring from the octagon after Dana White and the UFC removed him from the UFC 200 card , as McGregor resisted making press commitments.

Thanks for the cheese. Catch ya later

” I’ve decided to retire young,” McGregor said. “Thanks for the cheese. Catch ya later”.

McGregor so call retirement at that time lasted all but 4 months, because in August 2016 he returned to face Nate Diaz for the second time in UFC 202, a fight he won by majority decision.

There is no doubt that “The Notorious” is the fighter with the best sales numbers in terms of PPV is concerned, and that somehow, revolutionized the sport (the business) to take it to where it is today.

Is this decision final?

After going from winning 1,000 or 3,000 dollars per fight, up to 3 million dollars per fight , many things can change. With 30 years of age, record of 21-4, and getting titles in two different divisions it sounds reasonable that McGregor hang the gloves up.

However, history tells us that fighters of this level, with the personal characteristics that they have shown, always return in search of extending their careers a little more.

Matt Brown was one of those who thinks just like us, he even put it very clearly.

Get in make money get out, Much respect to Conor. He’ll be back though for sure Brown said on Twitter.

And that is the essence … everyone who proves the status, fame and money that McGregor has currently, always comes back for more. If  you got any doubt about that simply ask Mayweather Jr .

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