Video Shows Conor McGregor Talking About Retirement Before He Actually Retired


Back in February this year Conor McGregor gave an interview with SevereMMA where he was reminded of something he said in the past. Something he said regarding retiring once said achievements were met.

Conor McGregor early on Tuesday morning put out a Tweet saying he has retired. This has now be confirmed by many sources.

Conor's tweet

Conor’s tweet

Dana White was heard then revealing that Conor was first pulled from UFC 200 for not leaving Iceland and coming to Vegas to start the marketing promotion for UFC 200.

Dana even said that if Conor calls him, he could still be aloud to fight on the card. But, Dana is still yet to hear from Conor.

Dana hasn't heard from McGregor.

Dana hasn’t heard from McGregor.

In the interview back in February, Conor was reminded of a quote he gave regarding retirement.

Conor first talked about how he takes fights and wants to fight, fight for every belt and how there are “too many pus*y’s everywhere in this game.” Conor said, “How many times have you seen a champion instantly go up, how many years have you heard about super fights, how many times have you heard about, little saw toe, an opponent bounce, you know what I mean, there’s pus*y’s everywhere in this game. I’m here to fight, I’m here to win every belt, and then I’m gone, and then I’ll see the game later, I’ll walk away from this game, I’ll set it ablaze and walk away and that’s it.”

Conor McGregor spoke of retirement before he retired.

Conor McGregor spoke of retirement before he retired.

The interviewer, Andrew McGahon then reminded Conor of his retirement aspirations, he said, “25 million in the bank, two gold belts, and a jujitsu black belt, 3 years ago, that’s what you said, you want to finish on, I think you’ve passed two of them.”

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