UFC Fighter Wanted by Police For Domestic Violence


A new case of an MMA fighter who is involved in domestic violence has occurred. This time it is Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira , who assaulted his ex-wife this morning in the city of Tres Rios, in Rio de Janeiro.

As reported by G1, everything happened when the ex went to the house of the parents of the fighter for his grandparents to see his grandson.

Shortly after, the athlete arrived drunk and began to drive the motorcycle with his son. The confusion began with the reaction of the mother, who ended up being attacked which involved hair pulling and beating by the athlete, who also broke a glass door of his parents’ house.

The welterweight took his son by force and left the place on his motorcycle.

Shortly after, the baby was left in the house of a relative of Alex, along with his motorcycle and has not been located by the police. The Rio police are looking for the UFC athlete

Alex Oliveira

The authorities of Tres Ríos also reported that Oliveira was in another altercation at dawn, after leaving at a party while intoxicated and discussing the security of the place, which filed a complaint about threats.

Injured In Granade Attack

Alex is accused of threats, insults, and physical injuries. Just five months ago Alex Oliveira was injured in a grenade attack when the tried to intervene during a fight which involves a family member. During the brawl, a grenade was thrown toward Oliveria causing his left leg to be injured by shrapnel.

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