This Inspirational Autistic MMA Fighter Reminds Us To Follow Our Dreams


When you’re born different, it can be hard to fit in. When you’re living with high-functioning autism, it makes social interactions difficult on a whole new level. Often times, people dealing with this condition will zero-in on a certain interest and go all-in. For Rainman, it was Baseball trivia.


“It’s very hard to get yourself across, and you’re always second-guessing yourself. Your brain’s always telling you, ‘Don’t say this, you should say this,’ and then eventually you’re just like, well, I’m not even gonna talk,” says Connor Gross, an amateur MMA fighter.

For Connor Gross, he found his passion in mixed martial arts. He’s absolutely obsessed with wrestling and MMA.


Our boy Connor choking this dude out like a champ.

Out in the world, people might get tired of constantly talking about martial arts – but in the gym, Connor has a found a community of likeminded individuals that embrace him for his differences. This sport gives him an outlet and a positive place to focus his energy.


“Whatever makes you happy you gotta go for it and find an outlet.” – Connor Gross

What might have been seen as differences and difficulties in some aspects of life, are endearing qualities that have helped him in his training at the gym. Instead of feeling like an outcast, he belongs to a family once he steps into the gym and hits the mats with his brothers in combat.


His dream is to one day fight as a pro. Connor, we can confidently say that every single person who reads this is in your corner and cheering for you.

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