The US Military Invented a “Gay Bomb” To Make Enemy Forces Sexually Irresistible to Each Other


The Military was working on a secret project, which was later revealed through the Freedom of Information Act. That project was a non-lethal chemical weapon jam-packed with incredible amounts of pheromones so that when it was dropped on enemy soldiers, they would instantly find each other irresistible and totally forget about fighting the American forces. It’s easy to conquer your enemies when they’re too busy fooling around with each other to actually fight back, or at least that’s the theory that the Air Force was working with.

This goes back to the ’70s when cologne companies were touting the benefits of pheromones in their products as an aphrodisiac. There weren’t any rock-solid studies to back up the claims one way or another, but when you have that military funding going towards a project it takes things to the next level.


Imagine dropping a gay bomb on an enemy country where guys are stoned to death for even looking at a man the wrong way.

We’ve obtained an exclusive photo of the first field-test of the “Gay Bomb”, check it out on the next page.

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