The Undertaker Chokes Brock Lesnar Out With A Gogoplata


MMA fans might have gotten a kick out of how the SummerSlam main event, Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker, concluded with a battle of dueling submissions. After a back-and-forth match that saw its share of both Tombstones and F5s, the Undertaker found himself deep in a fully executed kimura. After unsuccessfully trying to defend it by pressing Lesnar into a pin, the Dead Man was forced to tap out.

taker brock laugh

There was some confusion over the tap, however, as the ring bell sounded without the referee’s knowledge. Lesnar let go of the hold, and proceeded to celebrate his win before taking YET ANOTHER NUTSHOT from ‘Taker. Brock was then put into a Gogoplata (called “Hell’s Gate” by the commentary team) and was choked out cold.

taker brock middle finger

Brock went out like a gangster, though, giving Lesnar the one-finger salute before slipping into the ether. The immediate fallout was absurd.
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