Shaolin Monk Knocks-out U.S Marine


It’s not you get to see you real Shaolin monk in action, today is your lucky day. Yi Long, is a Shaolin warrior monk, face off in a bout with Shea Ealey U.S. Marine in the Wu Lin Feng Ultimate Combat

The fight begins as expected Yi Long starts to dominate Ealey for basically the entire fight that lasted just one round. From the get-go, the two fighters are in the middle of the ring when Yi Long lands a short and powerful left hook to Ealey. That knocks onto the canvas on his back and through the ropes.

There was some debate about whether Yi Long is a true Shaolin monk but there are many different types of Shaolin monk within the practice of the belief. Other commentators said that the entire fight was staged and Yi Long is really a pro-fighter and the entire bout between these to men was staged as Yi Long was just playing a character.

Whether he is a true Shaolin monk or Buddhist for that matter it has no consequence on his performance as a fighter. He demonstrated good technique and skill. He continues to bring his Shaolin technique to the ring and dominates and decimates his opponents to the delight of his fans. Ultimately most combat sports fan want to see a clean fight and with good action leading to spectacular knockouts.

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