Seriously, Sonnen?!


In a not-entirely-surprising turn of events, it’s been revealed¬† that The American Gangster Chael P. Sonnen (the P stands for performance-enhancing) has failed his random drug test from the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Yes, the same test that he made fun of Wanderlei for running away from.

Before we go any further, it’s noteworthy that the two banned substances that Sonnen tested positive for were a breast-cancer treatment and a drug for female infertility. Anastrozole and clomiphene, respectively.

Let’s try to put this whole shit-show in chronological order.

  • Years ago Chael Sonnen starts calling out Wanderlei Silva and makes fun of him for refusing to accept the fight.
  • Finally Chael and Wanderlei are set to fight after coaching TUF Brazil 3.
  • After both fighters have talked mountains of trash, the fight gets delayed due to an “injury” of Wanderlei’s – who still hasn’t signed the contract in the first place.
  • Wanderlei doesn’t show up for the finale of TUF Brazil 3, which is when Silva vs Sonnen was set to take place before being delayed until UFC 175.
  • Chael and Wandy are asked to take a random drug test by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.
  • Wanderlei refuses the test, “literally runs away” according to Chael.
  • Vitor Belfort, who is available to fight after having to pull out of his title shot against Weidman, becomes Sonnen’s new opponent.
  • Sonnen fails his drug test and is unable to fight Vitor Belfort.


We couldn’t make this shit up if we wanted to.

Why not just take it all full-circle and set up a fight with Wanderlei vs Belfort…?

This is embarrassing, it’s bad for the sport, and there’s a certain point where trash talking reaches critical mass and when neither fighter is able to step into the octagon it leaves a tarnish on the sport.

Tin-Foil Hat Theories

The conspiracy theory could say that perhaps Machida was injured and they’re using this as a way to pivot Vitor back into the main event with Weidman at UFC 175. Occam’s Razor, though, and chances are it’s just a big handful of middle-aged steroid abusers having to pay the piper. It’s really a shame. UFC 175 was shaping up to be a legendary card. It still has a solid stack of fights lined up, but losing Sonnen vs anyone is a big loss.


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