Ronaldo Souza Received Help for His Fight With Yoel Romero


Ronaldo Souza is busy preparing for the UFC 194 fight event as we all know by now is due to be held in December 12. MMA is a highly skill art and it takes time and practice to prepare. With the dedication and practice it pays off ask “Holly Holm” I am sure she would agree. What is shocking however about Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza preparation is that he is asking for help? It is that he does not feel he has what it takes currently?

In an interview with “Portal Do Vale Tudo” a Brazilian media provider the gave details bout his preperation for his fight with Yoel Romero and revealed he had received assistance with his training form Anderson Silva, a former UFC Middleweight Champion.


Jacare Souza stated: “I am well physically, technically and mentally. I am prepared to make one of my best performances of the night. I have confidence and I have been working hard. “Anderson Silva helped me because he is also left-handed, knows a lot of things. And I can assure you that it is also well physically. It has the energy of a child.

Yoel Romero and Ronaldo Souza
I am sure he is right but will this really make a difference come December 12? Both fighters look poised and ready. Will help from Anderson Silva help Ronaldo or will it be just a waste of his time.

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