One Punch Homicide – Macho Streetfights Can Have Horrific Consequences


Mark was your typical frat bro. He and his boys went out to the bar, drank Jack, chased tail, and tried to figure out what to do with their lives. Walking out of the local bar some drunk dickhead spit a piece of gum in Mark’s face and Mark retaliated with a quick left hooking punch to the chin. The dude cracked his head on a fire hydrant, went into a coma, and is now a vegetable for life. Mark is doing 20+ years in jail.

There is often a cavalier attitude amongst young men about street fights. Some think they’re a good way to solve a problem, a macho right of passage, but in reality the brain can be quite vulnerable to trauma and engaging in any kind of violent confrontation can be a potentially fatal encounter.

This is a documentary that will reduce violence, crime, murders and bullying, perhaps more than anything in our time. It’s features young adult males who killed or were killed by one punch, and only one punch, and their loved ones who tell harrowing stories of how this type of violence changed their lives. Most of One Punch Homicide is interviews with five inmates in five U.S. states who killed someone with a single punch. The film also interviews loved ones of seven people who were killed with one punch. One punch can kill!

Next page is a about a short film highlighting the impact of alcohol-fuelled violence on a victim’s life has been released as part of the One Punch Ruins Lives campaign.

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