Mike Tyson Swings At Floyd Mayweather And Floyd Doesn’t Even Flinch


Do you think you’re tough?

Las Vegas. 01-18.99. Boxer FLOYD MAYWEATHER and MIKE TYSON. His father FLOYD MAYWEATHER Snr.(left)

Even if you’re the bravest mofo in your entire town, nobody would fault you if you flinched after Tyson took a swing at you. Hell, nobody would fault you if your flinch entailed immediately running to the airport and hopping on the first plane to somewhere far, far away. That would be an acceptable response.


With that in mind, Floyd Mayweather’s reaction to getting swung at by Mike Tyson is nothing short of incredible.

It happened quick enough that Floyd only had a fraction of a fraction of a second to subconsciously decide if Mike was playing around or if he should actually get out of the way. It’s not always how you react to something that means you have good reflexes, sometimes it’s also not reacting that matters. Tyson was trying to clown Floyd, but instead Mike clowned himself.

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