Meet Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller on HBO Real Sports: Single Handedly Setting MMA Back 10 Years


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Mayhem Miller has lost his damn mind, displaying some extremely erratic behavior on HBO Real Sports. During the same HBO special where Christy Mack talked about her attack, they also spent a day with Jason Mayhem Miller and discussed the topic of abuse among fighters. Mayhem spent the day drinking, smoking from a bong, smashing glasses, and generally just being his usual unstable self.


Here are some of the more notable quotables from Miller: 

  • “Everybody on this crew, all the males, I could subdue all three of you,”
  • “There’s no requirement, really. You don’t get vetted. Hey, are you willing to fight? Can you pass a CAT scan? Do you have aids or hepatitis? If you don’t, you’re in,”
  • “They already knew I was involved with the law a bunch of  times…” (When they signed him to fight.)


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