Man Pull a Gun and Sucker Punch Woman 5 Times Her Face, Taking Her Down (Video)


Constantly, fighter and commentators have advocated that a man vs a woman fight is not something that should happen in professional sports especially combat sports such as MMA and Muay Thai.

However, in everyday combat, the rules of engagement are not so well defined. This video captures a road rage incident where the woman in the video is driving in the wrong direction and blocks the man. He has been identified as. The man pulls a gun and starts to argue with the woman.

Instinctively the lady tires to call 911 it is at that point that things go south for her. This guy violent slaps her cell phone out of her hand and give her a full face punch that sends her hurling backward. She tries to retaliate and lunge forward towards him but she is caught with a right hook. Then he continues to pummel her face with three more punches. Watch video capture below of the incident.

It has been debated constantly that in fighting a woman is no match for a man while those on the other side of the argument state that fighting is about technique and not so much brute strength therefore if a woman applies the right technique she can take down a male.

The image below shows the after match woman attacked over the parking spot

Regardless of the truth of these contentions the man in this video clearly overreacted to this road rage incident and decimated this woman face with those punches. Which we consider totally unnecessary violence on this lady.

Woman vs. Man Combat

In combat fighting, we have had instances of female fighter vs. male fighter is not totally unheard of.

Lucia Rijker decided to take on a male fighter in a bout that resulted in her being brutally knocked out. She wanted to prove she can take on a male fighter see video of this epic knockdown below:

The idea has continued in combat sports for quite some time now that there should always be a separation of the sexes when opponents face off with each other.

Transgender Dominates Females

However, these rules can become strained when the issue of transgender comes into play. The question is should a trans-man or trans-woman fight in the division of their birth sex or their new changed sex identity.

In Texas, this issue is being debated. The video shows transgender dominating females in state wrestling championship.

With these transgender issues being highly controversial at present. We may be looking at the future of combat sports.

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