Man Brutally Knocks Out Two Women Outside Of A Club In LA (Video)


After fighting events weather you watch it live or on tv, it always a good time to go out afterwards and have a few with the guys. However, it always wise to keep a tab on the amount of drinks you consume. Sometimes after a good time it can change your personality. Well in this video these two beautiful ladies had just finish having a good time at the club and decided to call it a night.

The man well he seems too to had been out with the boys but decided to approach these two ladies probably looking to continue a night of fun after the club. Well, these ladies were not interested and they let him know that in no uncertain terms.

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Well seems this dirtbag cant handle rejection well at all. The lady in the white top tells hime to go away and shoves him. Well he should have just walked away at that point. But he was not taking no hand from the lady who just rejected him. He turns after stumbling a bit from the shove and slugs her full on the side of face knocking her out for a few moments.

Well her friend being loyal and brave jumps on him but the takes her down just as easily with a full punch to the face that knocks here out cold. Amazingly no one there came to the rescue of these ladies. Well the lady in white manages to raise to her feet again to take a go at him but this time she get a full on punch which knocks her knocks her out as she falls to the floor

This man is just a coward after realizing the heinous act that he has just committed instead of face the consequences for his actions he runs away. Amazingly it only as he starts to run way you can then hear onlookers saying “get him”. However, when these two ladies were being assaulted by this man no one came to their aid.

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