Khabib Nurmagomedov Against His Biggest challenge; His Father


While his next fight has not been confirmed for Khabib Nurmagomedov he is wasting no time in preparing by that he has been keeping in great shape ready to go for his next fight at any time. Recently he has increased his routine knowing his inevitable fight with Dustin Poirier “The Diamond” may be announced anytime very soon for the UFC Lightweight World Championship. Many of you have been waiting for this fight for a while now, predicting that Poirier will humble Nurmagomedov in the octagon. How it goes in reality, we soon know but keeping in shape is not an easy challenge.

Dusin Poirier at UFC with Dana White Pin Belt on Dustin after his win.

Things get even more complicated and challenging when you an MMA Athlete your workout routine is very different as you have to prepare to strengthen your entire body and prepare for every aspect of the fight. What is exactly Khabib strategy in preparing for Dustin? Presumably, he will be focusing on defending boxing moves from “The Diamond”, but Khabib cannot leave anything for granted. So much so he has been fighting and training with his biggest challenger yet. Check out the video below as he demonstrates some of his training moves with this father.

As his main trainer, Javier Méndez shows on Instagram, he has been fighting against his father. Could the champion have a more formidable challenger? Well, whatever you think one that is is for sure is that Khabib Nurmagomedov has that family support going on ahead of his next big fight.

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