Jose Aldo Gives a Strange Response When Asked About His Weight Cut


Jose Aldo made his weight yesterday by messing with the officials heads as so to say. The prank as some have called it stared when Aldo hit the scale over the mark coming in at 146 lbs with his shorts on. This apparently was a stunt by Jose Aldo, after taking his shorts off he then made his weight of 145 lbs. Aldo was interviewed shortly after the weigh-in and his response to the question about how he manage to meet his weight was really strange.

Why he wanted to f@uk with everyone heads is anybody guess but we are sure that all those Aldo fans are relived that he made his weight cut just in time for UFC 218: “Holloway vs. Aldo 2,”

Well yeah we are good to go for his next fight will it it be filled with all this drama. Why Jose Aldo wanted to play the drama game it is anyone guess or was Aldo cover his nervousness that he was not going to make his weight.

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