Israel Adesanya is Done With That “Bully” Jon Jones


Israel Adesanya who defeated Gastelum to become the new Interim Middleweight Champion has said that he is done with the beef that has started between him and Jon “Bones” and that he is not ready for a fight with Jones as yet and his time will come when he says so. With all that being said he as asked Jones to “Keep my name out of your mouth.

Jones is the biggest active fighter in UFC right now. Considers Adesanya to be a treat to his shine as the young Nigerian born has been seen as a rising star in UFC right and could overtake Jones in the future. However at present, many consider that Adesanya is not a match for Jones at present and “Bones” would easily demolish the “Stylebender” in a physical fight.

Israel Adesanya

In recent weeks with things escalating between the two in this last week we seen the fighter take to twitter to declare an all out war. As things esclast it has been a blame game arasing between the two with Jones saying Adesanya started it first and vice versa.

Mom, He Started it First!

Watch the video to see how Israel Adesanya proves it was Jones who started the calling out first. It fair to say at present these two fighters have no respect for each other now as the beef between heats up.

Jone Jones is Literally A Bully

There’s no doubt that Adesanya is an incredibly talented fighter and very exciting to watch. But it’s hard to imagine him beating Jones, considering the American champion could surely fight at heavyweight if he wanted to. However, he’s definitely getting attention by getting mentioned in same headlines as Jones.

“Jon Jones, he literally just reminds me of what I’ve hated most in life, and that’s bullies,..Literally, he’s a jock, he’s a cock, and he’s a cunt… He’s started all this. He’s the one that came out openly and called me out and said, ‘I’d like to fight Israel Adesanya.’

“He knows I’m a threat. But guess what, I’ve said this for so long: If you want to beat me, do it yesterday. Every fucking fight I get better. I get better every fight. So if he wants to try to take me out early on when he knows I’m only a year in the UFC, and I’m still learning.”

I clear that from the interview “Stylebender” is not taking responsibility for what is going on right now between he and Jones. Admittedly he states he may not be ready for the GOAT at present but he getting better and better daily as a young rising star with the UFC. Right now the Nigerian is not even in Jones weight class so a fight between these two will not be happening this year for sure unless something changes drastically.

Even though it seems from what the “Stylebender” says that he wants that he is done with going back and forth with Jones. He did not mix his words about what he thinks about Jon Jones right now. It difficult to contemplate that “Bones” will let him have the last say on the matter. It is fair to say we have not seen the last of this war between these two talented professional fighters.

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