Frankie Edgar Refuses To Fight Again Until He Gets A Title Shot Again Conor McGregor, Threatens To “Kill Him” and “Take His Soul”


While all of the drama has been taking place at the top of the featherweight division, Frankie Edgar has been sitting around quietly and letting his fists do the talking. His last title fight was almost three years ago when he lost a 5 round, fight of the night decision to Jose Aldo.

Since then, Edgar has gone 5-0 with three fight of the night/performance of the night bonuses, and he’s beaten Charles Oliveira, Cub Swanson, BJ Penn, Urijah Faber and Chad Mendes. There’s no denying that Edgar deserves a shot at the belt, or that he’s at least right up there in the conversation alongside Jose Aldo getting a rematch, but Aldo needs to take some time to unscramble his brain, and Conor’s ready to fight again immediately so it seems like a pretty obvious choice:


According to Frankie, when Jose Aldo was injured leading up to the first McGregor fight, Conor was offered to fight Edgar but he turned it down, opting for Chad Mendes instead. The move worked out well for McGregor, but has left Frankie Edgar off-the-radar despite his incredible performances since moving weight classes.

Not wanting to get skipped over again, or to risk taking a loss by taking fights in the meantime (Anything can happen, look at Aldo…), Frankie is not mincing his words. He is simply not going to fight until he’s served Conor McGregor on a silver platter.



After Frankie’s original statement, he realized that talking a little trash can make a huge difference, so he kept going…


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