False Sense of Security in Female Self-defense Courses


Gender Violence is a criminal social phenomenon in which men attack the physical and/or psychological integrity of women and whose result has fatal consequences. The increase of women victims by physical aggressions of men is alarming but more worrying is that there are people who take advantage of this phenomenon to increase their patrimony or ego, mostly also men, with the so-called: «Courses of self-defense, self-defense feminine, against gender violence … » and endless flashy headlines to address this needy collective in order to offer techniques to help these women defend themselves from aggression.

Imagine John, the 30-year-old man from his neighborhood, whom he knows because of his involvement in the practice of martial arts disciplines, who teaches in his personal defense gym, where he performs weapons against a weapon with ease that neither Steven Seagal in his best movies are able to do. Among their ranks of students with supine ignorance, an atmosphere of absolute worship is created, they come to believe that their teacher is almost capable of levitating in the purest style of Chinese films, and this perception is transferred to a part of the closest society.

Now John is invincible in his neighborhood and moves to the city council his interest to organize jointly a Technical Conference aimed at the group of women victims of gender violence, where they can teach them to defend themselves from their aggressors. To the council of turn, it seems an excellent idea, and more coming from Juan, an expert martial artist known in his locality. After organizing these days are paid to Juan directly by the town hall, obtained through a fee for individual registration or simply as indirect advertising retribution, Juan teaches these women to defend themselves against the attack with a knife, a firearm.

Now let’s make a small point in Juan’s story, and let’s take a moment to summarize a part of the real story of Juan Carlos Aguilar (the Shaolin monk), well-known martial arts teacher, confessed murderer and condemned for the murder of two women.

You can search the martial trajectory of this man through the net, he has appeared in innumerable reports, videos, magazines … all an expert in martial arts and the use and defense against knives. Well, while he was incarcerated in prison he had to be hospitalized after being stabbed in the neck in the course of a fight with another inmate. Because I do not apply his great knowledge in martial arts to defend against that aggression ?.

Let’s go back to Juan, during the development of the days, Juan teaches with amazing ease how you can disarm a knife and explains several techniques to the female assistants in case they are ever in a situation of risk to defend themselves. Do you know what Juan does ?, to transmit a false security to women.

How can a woman in a 4-hour course learn to defend herself from a knife? Is a person able to learn surgery in a 4-hour course?. Is the teacher of the course capable after 5 years or more of experience defending himself within a situation of risk by a knife? No no and no.

When that woman is in a situation of risk and tries to apply what she learned, she will encounter false security that will have a devastating effect, first on the mental state and second on the physical plane, the aggressor will become more violent and the remedy will amplify the illness.

Do not get fooled by those courses, do not pay attention to urban legends, check that you are a qualified professional in both your academic and professional career, surely not teach you how to defend yourself with a knife but if you provide other tools and advice for that you can handle yourself better in an unwanted situation.

Credit to: Víctor Márquez of criminology school

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