Dominick Cruz Perfectly Foreshadowed The Outcome of Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo


Dominick Cruz has been on the sidelines for what feels like forever, but there’s no denying that the guy is about as solid as they come once he steps inside the Octagon. Cruz has always been a very intelligent fighter, with arguably some of the best footwork in the game. While he’s been sidelined with injuries, he’s been working as an analyst and a damn good one at that.

Cruz has coached TUF opposite Faber, and would make a great coach once his fighting days are over.

Cruz has coached TUF opposite Faber, and would make a great coach once his fighting days are over.

Cruz is set to face Dillashaw to try to win back his belt that was stripped due to injury (He never actually lost it in a fight.) There are a lot of comparisons between the two fighters stylistically, so it will be interesting to see if Cruz has managed to evolve his game while he recovered or if the sport has surpassed him.


If things don’t go so well, he’ll always have a job as an analyst or a commentator and that Fox broadcast money probably isn’t too bad compared to what fighters are making in the Reebok era.


Here is Dom’s prediction of the McGregor vs Aldo fight from UFC 194: 

“He’s a southpaw so he knows southpaw positions. Southpaws always have more rounds with conventional fighters than conventional fighters have with southpaws because there’s more conventional fighters than southpaws. How many more rounds does McGregor have against a conventional fighter than Aldo has against a southpaw? That’s real. That’s a real problem…. There’s all these little tricks that McGregor has that Aldo hasn’t seen… Power for power, I’d match them, but fluidity is the name of the game in the evolution of the sport…” – Cruz, during his UFC 194 scrum.

He also spoke about the fact that Aldo’s favourite kick isn’t as effective against a southpaw, especially since it opens him up for that left straight that Conor loves to finish people with. Lo and behold…

Dominic Cruz on Conor McGregor’s movement: 

When it comes to McGregor, there’s one guy in the UFC who has his number – Irish Joe Duffy – the last man to defeat McGregor. Joe also had a really interesting prediction.

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