Daniel Cormier Pleads With Dana White for Fight Against Brock Lesnar


Brock Lesnar lost the Universal WWE Championship at WrestleMania and seems headed back to the UFC. If he returns to the MMA company he will have an opportunity for the World Heavyweight Championship against Daniel Cormier. It is not official but many are talking about it.

Much has been said about whether “The Incarnate Beast” deserves a fight for the title after having tested positive for doping in his last occasion in the octagon. This question was recently asked by TMZ Sports to the UFC World Heavyweight Champion.

It’s the fight I want. I think everyone wants to fight with Brock. We all want to fight against Brock. It’s the fight that has to happen. He is a former UFC Champion, All-American in college. The guy deserves this fight and I hope he gets it . Dana, get on the phone right now. If you have not called yet, do it now! What are you waiting for? Let’s put this shit in the books!”

This shows the confidence that the champion has in himself. Also, he knows he can get a lot of money in a fight against the WWE wrestler. We will have to wait to see if it finally happens but since last year everything indicates yes.

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