Daniel Cormier Goes Off On a Fan Who Underestimates Him


Be better or worse, UFC fighters and fighters are always criticized more than they should and praised more than they should. The haters will always exist and also the (whatever the antonym). For many, it has to be white or black, while for others it is all a scale of grays. Therefore, there are those who will never fully recognize what Daniel Cormier has achieved.

The UFC World Heavyweight Champion has always preferred to respond to those who criticize him and complement those who praise him within the octagon. However, he does not shut up either. And recently he did not hesitate to respond in this way to criticism from a fan:

– Daniel Cormier as number two is a joke (refers to the pound for pound ranking of ESPN, in which Jon Jones is first, in UFC Cormier is first). That guy only fought twice in 15 months, one with a lucky KO for the title and then refused to give Stipe Miocic a rematch, which has the most defenses in the division. Then he schedules a titular defense against a boy he publicly said that …

– Ur stupid right in the last 15 months I’ve fought four times across two weight divisions you fucking idiot. I’m actually #1

It would be fair to say DC seems to be a very emotional guy when it come to his performance in the octagon.

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