App Called Rumblr Lets You Find Opponents For Random Streetfights


Some may remember the youtube prankster drunk guy seems to be always going around to different people asking if they “want a piece of this.” While back there was a featured app called Rumblr all he’s got to do now is swipe right, that lets you find random opponents to fight with.

That app was designed for recreational fighters to find, meet, and fight other brawl enthusiasts nearby.

Rumblr was designed to be like Tinder but for fighting not dating.


The designers had created it to hassle out of trying to find a stranger to fight. It’s really easy. How the app was intended to work was for the user to a profile, you swipe through and choose anyone you want to fight, you get matched up with somebody, you talk some trash, set a time and a location, then the fight was on. You could also share and invite friends to watch.


We got a chance to have an exclusive interview with the founders to answer some important questions:

  1. Is this real? You guys can’t be serious.

Rumblr is 100% real.

  1. Often when people create an app it’s because they recognize a problem in their own lives and want to create a solution, were you having trouble finding people to fight?

We can easily find people to fight, however, it’s extremely difficult and inefficient to find like-minded people to fight with. Further, Rumblr allows you to record data on the matter, something that hasn’t been done before. We’re disrupting recreational fighting.

  1. Are you going to offer a premium subscription and what will it include?

You can access professional fighters at professional venues with a premium account. More to come on this later.

  1. Tesla has been installing charging stations all over the country to meet the demand of their customers, do you have any plans to install makeshift rings or would that take away from the authenticity of your street fights?

With a premium account, you can fight at professional venues. With a free account, you have to provide your own place to fight. Does Tinder provide a bed?

  1. What happens when somebody gets killed?

We’re hands off after the initial matchup. Hopefully, a funeral.

  1. Tinder started to penalize people who were swiping right on everybody, any plans to do the same?

Your life, your swipe.

  1. In the state of Washington, a mutual combat law actually exists. So this app could possibly be legally used there. Is that where you got the idea?

That’s fortunate, but no. We got the idea from years of struggling to find recreational fighting partners on demand.

  1. Even if this is a troll, it could revolutionize the shit talking within the combat industry (Boxing, MMA, etc.). We would pay to watch live shit talking. Any thoughts on this?

Just like Tinder, we believe that the conversation before the interaction is an intimate and private matter.

  1. Do you think UFC matchmaker Joe Silva will adopt rumblr for his matchmaking or do you think he’ll continue picking names out of a hat?

I’m sure he already has.


However the mattyice67 the guys how came up with the idea for such an app shared with us a walkthrough of how the app was supposed to work.

Take mattyice67, for example… 

This was the problem that made him think up of the app, he like many of you are is a fight enthusiast and enjoy showing off some of his skills but could not find anyone to fight with the recalls ” I hang out in the food court for hours, sometimes all day, before he could find somebody to fight him.”


Once users were online it could only take a few minutes to find an opponent

Matty said he had used the app during the beta testing period to line up fights for after his work shit during his breaks. This seems like a better way to pass the time.


Set the mood with some trash talk. 

Before it’s time for “Netflix and kill“, the two opponents would chat and can trash talk each other to get the mood right and this would occur in a group chat with friend s and invites, similar to FB live.


Do you like to watch?

The next stage after a person accepted a fight was to select a location which would be displayed on the map within the app. That way anyone who has the app can turn up and support the fight live on location while they watch their favorite person fight. This aspect of the app proved to be very controversial as a way of encouraging street fight. Probably one of the reasons why the app would have had difficulty launching on the app store and play store.


Matty said there are had different versions of the app for women and fighting groups.

Know about your opponent.

Similar to UFC and other combat sports stats members could see past defeats and win of their opponent. “Welterweight mattyice67 is a young Lyoto Machida with his karate skills, His record is a little rough, but that’s what happens when you’ll fight anybody at any time.”


However, our follow up investigation on this app revealed that is is not available for downloads as the developers had issues getting the app on the Apple store and Andriod play store. So, for now, this will remain a private app in development. It has not been revealed to us if the developers would allow for private downloads. This is has been unfortunate news for many who had been looking forward to downloading the app.

Even though the app is not available for public download, the concept is very interesting while still being controversial we are yet to see if something like this would be made public.

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